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We just died in the Scenario The Prisoner without ever making it off the opening tile, and we're wondering if the game is just this hard (it's our second death in 5 days of playing) or if we're doing something wrong.

Card 020 offers the following action:

Am I right in assuming that
the Draw 4 Cards price
has to be paid every time one of us wants to do one of the listed options, or were we supposed to only pay it once at the very beginning?

As it is, we were trapped in a conversation loop where no matter what options we chose, we inevitably ended up losing life points and then had to draw more cards to start the conversation again. By the time we both fell unconscious, I'm pretty certain we'd explored every conversation option except maybe for one we didn't get to. But if the intention is to cycle through all options until you find the one that works, that seems impossible at the high energy costs.
You're doing something wrong...

You can get information from a conversation that will then help you with a different action.
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Rules and Operating Points2 posts