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I was wondering about the hint given at the beginning of the scenario:
"You might find 7 hop reborn cards" or something like that.

But upon playing, I only found one, and a few glimmers (which might count as another hope reborn if I get enough).
I understand I might not be able to get everything, but I seem awfully far!

So my question is :
Where are alll of those hope reborn cards?
Anyone found all of them?

The question isn't spoilery, but the answers will be.
Do you have finished the scenario and read the epilogue ?
It seems to me that many of "Hope reborn" cards comes here, according to your choices during the scenario.
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I was about to, I had to stop playing just when the game told me to...

I guess I was too curious D'

Thanks for the indication.
You are exactly right, most of them are given during the epilogue!
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Strategies & Tactics4 messages