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Hello! I just discovered a combo for restoring all your cards when you are on a Terrain card with an Abunothus. You need 5 cards to do this:

1x Abunothus that says, "Unblock 1 card, returning one card with a blessing."
1x Abunothus that says, "Exchange up to 2 cards from your hand with the same number of cards chosen from your Action Deck (only if you discard a card from your hand)."
1x Shleap Wool: If you don't have a card with weakness, take Blessing card 152.
1x Second Wind: Recover 3 cards, or 6 cards if this is the only card in your hand. BLOCK this card.
1x Glimmer of Hope: Unblock 1 card, then return this card.

Also "Second wind shoundt be in your discard pile and dont have a card with weakness.

The combo is the following:

- Move from the Abunothus Terrain card and come back to acquire two cards in your hand.
- Use the first Abunothus to discard one card and exchange the other card in your hand to search for and recover "Second Wind" from your Action Deck.
- Play "Second Wind" to recover 6 cards and block it (even if you have other cards and recover only 3, works anyway the combo).
- Use "Shleap Wool" to acquire Blessing card 152, "You are confident,".
- Unblock "Second Wind" using "Glimmer of Hope." Shuffle it on the Action Deck. We recover in total 1 or 4 cards (depending if we have other cards in hand or not)
- Restart the process. Move to 2 Terrain cards to acquire 2 more cards in your hand. (Be sure to be back where the Abunothus Terrain is)
- Search for "Second Wind" using the Abunothus card and recover 6 more cards.
- This time, unblock "Second Wind" using the second Abunothus card by returning a blessing card.

Repeat steps as many times as needed to recover all cards from your discard pile. You can do this as many times as you want and recover all the cards in your discard pile.

Simple, right?
What makes this process infinite? You can repeat this as many times as many Glimmer of Hopes you have, which is definitely not infinite.
No, You just need the first "Glimmer of Hope". To make the combo work, from the second time, you unblock the "Second Wind" card by returning a blessing card (obtained with Shleap Wool).

Works for you now?
I don’t have the cards in front, but what cardtype does the Abunothus unblock
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