Core Box – Collector

(Only on Kickstarter)

This base box includes everything you need to start your adventure: 

  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 bookmark
  • 1 introductory scenario booklet
  • 2 Threat booklets
  • 1 Dialogue book
  • 1 plasticized worldmap
  • 4 Citadel leaflets
  • 8 character figures
  • 8 cardboard character figures
  • 4 life point counters
  • 4 6-sided dice
  • 3 storage trays
  • 32 dividers
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • 1073 cards separated into different decks:
    • 4 Character cards
    • 8 Save cards
    • 184 Action cards (with a blue back)
    • 151 Exploration cards (with a foggy back)
    • 726 Aventure cards (with a green or gold back)

On the edge of peril

(Exclusive expansion for Kickstarter)

The Collapsing Lands are aptly named. Every step you take could see the ground open up like a gaping maw, eager to swallow you whole. But you’ve heard whispers about a hidden world below, filled with secrets and treasures just waiting to be discovered…

  • 1 rule leaflet
  • 2 dividers
  • 30 cards

Cannot be played without The 7th Citadel base game.

The unveilers

Commonly called “unveilers”, these ladybugs – as big as a fist but completely harmless – are familiar to arcanists, treasure seekers, and other intrepid adventurers. Unveilers are attracted to magical emanations like flies to a rotting corpse. Spotting a swarm of these critters is usually a good omen, but maybe some magical items are better left buried.

  • 1 rule leaflet
  • 6 unveilers figures
  • 6 unveilers cardboard figures
  • 30 cards

Cannot be played without The 7th Citadel base game.


The alembic of Valengarde

The legendary alembic of Valengarde disappeared during the conflict between Kel and the Worm Master. Rumor has it that a necrodruidic spell was cast and broke it into several pieces, giving each piece two root-legs. It is now wandering, waiting for the day when it can finally be put back together!

  • 1 rule leaflet
  • 3 piece of alembic figures
  • 3 piece of alembic cardboard figures
  • 1 mystery box
  • 30 cards

Cannot be played without The 7th Citadel base game.


Knowledge is power

A history book recounting Kel’s glorious past; a treatise on rural poetry; an occult book detailing how to perform a sinister necrodruidic ritual… Many books were lost during the conflict between the Protectorate and the Worm Master. They are just waiting to be found by courageous adventurers such as you.

  • 1 rule leaflet
  • 40 cards including 20 “double” cards

Cannot be played without The 7th Citadel base game.


The final throne

The discovery of a mysterious stone-carved throne in the mansion of an ancient Kellian family will trigger a series of events that will take you to the four corners of the Collapsing Lands.

  • 1 rule leaflet
  • 1 Citadel leaflet
  • 1 Threat booklet
  • 126 cards

Cannot be played without The 7th Citadel base game.


Official “The 7th Citadel” playmat

A neoprene playmat to lay the cards on during the game.

Card holder

Arrange the cards from your Action Deck and Discard Pile and your blocked Skill and Purse cards in the different slots of this card holder.

Each card holder is for one player.

Quest Item cards binder

A binder to store your Quest item cards and refer to them more easily during the adventure.

7 Citadel leaflets

7 additional Citadel leaflets, each made of 4 color printed A4 pages, so you can play your favorite Threats again.

Premium Serious Poulp card sleeves

Premium card sleeves to protect your cards from The 7th Citadel (compatible with The 7th Continent cards).

184 card sleeves are required to protect all the (blue) Action cards in the game.