For more than fifty cycles (1 cycle = 1 year), the Kel Protectorate has been at war with a fearsome enemy: the Burrowers.

After years of being powerless, the Protectorate finally found the necrodruids, the only defense against this scourge. These men and women have rejected the sacred principles of their order, drawing on blood and forbidden incantations to create the monstrous plants that alone can fight the Burrowers.

In the citadels, the necrodruids’ power centers, YOU grow and tend to the abominations developed within. Working as slave-gardeners, you wish that a fatal accident or death by exhaustion would relieve you of your unending toil.

Today’s world has clearly changed since the time of our forefathers. The Collapsing Lands are choked in semi-darkness and dust belched up by the Burrowers. The horrific plant creatures created to protect you have spread, often uncontrollably, and now threaten humanity as much as the Burrowers.

You wake to a cold morning bathed in pale light, with another long day of hard labor ahead of you, unaware that this is your last day at the citadel and that the course of history is about to change...