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This is more of a FYI than a question. Something in the KS update today made me realize I'm not doing the "try your luck" thing entirely correctly. I've been treating them as a simple randomizer because four of the cards say "return this," so it has been a bit of an automatic pick a card, look at the title and return the card mechanic for me, with one obvious exception, and one not so obvious exception. This shouldn't be a spoiler for anyone who's played for a scenario or two, but marking it anyway, the exception being
the purse weakness card which says to keep it.
What I didn't notice is that the other
Lady luck card that says to draw a 049
, does NOT say "return this" which would lead you to the default result of discarding it instead of returning it. Also the other card in the first spoiler is discarded as well.

Goes to show, sometimes after playing a while you get in a groove with applying what you think are the proper mechanics, and you forget to read the fine print and get it wrong.
Definitely did that too.

Managing the 013 deck has become one of the most consistent focuses of our game. You draw the weakness one, so then the other player does everything you think is likely to cause a try your luck test for a bit, until you see something that you don't think you'll mind failing. Then you auto-fail that one to take the weakness out of the deck. We're also more likely to do something that we know will return the Past - like saving, or
entering a city
- if we've seen the good one that doesn't return, and/or haven't seen the bad one yet. Once the bad one is out of the deck you don't want to put it back...
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Rules and Operating Points2 posts