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Perhaps it is the time to get out the bottle of House Rule Smelling Salts!
I don't usually advocate changing the rules of a game, but in all seriousness my enjoyment is about getting a good balance of fun vs challenges. If some rules are making the fun factor less fun, then modifying a rule or two to up the fun per hours per "buck" works for me.
I am sure it could have been better designed.
Unfortunately, the plastic material is very thick and it seems impossible to open the map flat as the fold creases are very pronounced, the folds are very “firm”. It arrived with a small hole in the middle, which is the centre of the map where the two folds create the overlapping biggest crease. This is only going to get worse as the game is played and map cards are inserted. Hoping some clever soul can come up with a viable alternative.
I reckon there will be a few suggestions for "house" saving mechanisms arriving over the next few weeks
UK deliveries are well underway. I received my copy an hour or so ago -)