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We just died in the Scenario The Prisoner without ever making it off the opening tile, and we're wondering if the game is just this hard (it's our second death in 5 days of playing) or if we're doing something wrong.

Card 020 offers the following action:

Am I right in assuming that
the Draw 4 Cards price
has to be paid every time one of us wants to do one of the listed options, or were we supposed to only pay it once at the very beginning?

As it is, we were trapped in a conversation loop where no matter what options we chose, we inevitably ended up losing life points and then had to draw more cards to start the conversation again. By the time we both fell unconscious, I'm pretty certain we'd explored every conversation option except maybe for one we didn't get to. But if the intention is to cycle through all options until you find the one that works, that seems impossible at the high energy costs.
We received this card that features a symbol with 3 stars:


At first we thought it might be a wildcard for the class icons, but that's already the question mark symbol. We couldn't find any explanation for this symbol. It shows up once in the rulebook on page 13 with the class icons, but doesn't actually tell you what it means, so we have no idea what this card is supposed to do. Is it supposed to be some sort of secret we'll just have to keep around that will have a use revealed later in the game?
Perfect, I found it. Thank you. -)
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We ran into this fight yesterday playing Scenario 1 of Dadachaem's Awakening:

We reread the entire rulebook but couldn't find a mention of the "Reach 1" in red next to the mandatory action anywhere. What does it mean?
We ran into this exact same problem - it was one of the first cards after we first left the Citadel, and after rereading the text multiple times, we came to the conclusion that it was impossible to beat and we might have wrongly inserted some extra hard expansion card, and so just ignored the mandatory action.

It's the
"Then, if you would rather resume your journey"
that tripped us up, because then makes it sound as if you can only do this line as a consequence of the first line. I think this card would be a lot clearer if you just leave out the then:
"If you would rather resume your journey, return this."
HowieWowie wrote:
First, it seems quite rare to me to see a player fail the introductory scenario (but it's not impossible). It would be good to make sure that you played without major errors: did you detect any particularly difficult situations?

So I was indeed making a major error. During Compound Actions I wasn't reducing the dice value for each success. Instead I was attempting to achieve all success in one action!!

Thank you so much for this post. We were stuck at the final fight of the introduction and couldn't understand why it was so shockingly hard to beat. We finally made it through with a lot of luck and 1 life point each left, and this is the exact same error we made.