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Thank you very much. This clears up so much.
May have been a good idea to show an action flow of as many timings as possible. The rulebook does little in the way to make it clear cards in hand can be played at any time, outside and within steps. As pages 12 and 13 don't state cards in hand may be played during this process, and the same can be found in the rules summary on page 3.
Rules as written a skill card can't be played on an action until step 3-C.
Source rule book page 12 and 13.

1) Gear Up.
Ambush happens now, so the player ignores this Gear Up step.

2) Draw

3) Result ( Step C ).
Players can play cards from hand.

I asked this on another card, Sneak Attack, but that card was a misprint. Does this mean the card Vigilance A0029 is a misprint too in that it ambush is not supposed to be there?
We've stopped playing because a situation has just appeared where we a forced into a fight with a creature that has Ambush and the active player has Vigilance in their hand.
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Before I begin, I may come across as overly negative. This isn't my intent at all.
Second I'm playing this one other person who has come to the same or similar conclusions as me.
Lastly this hasn't ruined our overall enjoyment of the game. In fact I wish 7th Continent to get a reboot and use the character system for individual characters from the 7th Citadel. 7th Continent, a game about exploration forced players to stay together (it was punishing seperating) wasn't a good, nor fun idea. Well, 7th Continent has certainly made a great stepping stone to 7th Citadel.

A minor annoyance, one I raised in 7th Continent, and other board games not produced by you. Real world aspects should be left out of games unless the entire point is to include them as a main gimmick. We've dismissed the card
A0245 (level 3 fog card) as we weren't provided a timepeice to keep track of in game time of day.

Came across a random trap
card A0246 (level 3 fog card)
. There are several problems with it which brought the game to a halt as we tried to figure out not only what is was asking of us, but how to get to the solution.
First thing, this isn't even a puzzle. If I were physically there, or had a mock contraption of such to physically use I could easily provide the answer it seeks as I would see the result of the action as I complete it.
Second is the instructions on the card itself.
It doesn't state to rotate clockwise, nor counterclockwise, This is an important distinguishment to make since the number of crushed bulbs changes depending which direction is taken.

The 485 card that we drew was A1044 (card C).
The answer is questionable on card 442 (A1001). If the lever were rotated 3 times full rotations clockwise would result in 2. If the lever were rotated 3 times full rotations counterclockwise would result in 3.

Was the point of this puzzle to gamble on a direction? That's not a puzzle then... Should have just told us to draw a card based on the direction we chose rather than
waste our time counting
. having all the answers on one card wasn't wise either, as we now know the answers to all of them. We can't unsee the other results.

Now thinking about it, I don't even know if this is the right place to have posted this.
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This doesn't answer the question. Let's see if I can reword the question.
How does Sneak Attack (skill card) ignore Ambush?
Here is the process as written in the rule book with the problem included:

1) Gear Up.
Ambush happens now, so the player ignores this Gear Up step.

2) Draw

3) Result ( Step C ).
Players can play cards from hand. Playing Sneak Attack now can't prevent Ambush, as Ambush has already happened.

Because of how the Action resolution steps works, Sneak Attack can't prevent Ambush.
EDIT: Nevermind. I see there is a misprint. Sneak Attack is supposed to igore Brutal. I have my answer, sorry for this post.