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Oh yeah, I am playing solo, so I forget that there can be more then one player. -)
So in case of more players, if not all the players are involed in the fight, and all the fighting players get unconscious, then you apply the "If you do not win the fight" consequence, because you still have at least 1 conscious player.

Regarding fleeing away from the fight, I think you can approach it in two ways:
1) You lose the fight -
after all, you are supposed to avange the murder, so if you do not kill the murderer, you failed.

2) You neither win nor lose the fight - if you can read that dialogue again, you can return to it later.
A Compound action on Temporary event should always be manadatory (there will be a action_mandatory icon), so have to keep fighting until a success indicates to discard or to return the event card.

As for the
172, 173, or 174
cards, winning the fight means that you get to success where you return the card. I didn't find any place, that would tell you a special rule for losing the fight, so I asume standard losing the fight when you get all characters unconscious, which leads to losing the game.
I would love an offical clarification of this.

I approach this thematicaly - I assume a blocked item is like a broken/damaged item.
So I would not trade a blocked item, since that item doesn't have it's origianal value.
However, I would still consider a blocked item CUMBERSOME - for example, if you have a blocked (=damaged) armor, it is still heavy and big, so it makes sense that it's still cumbersome.
So with the new Kickstarter coming up, there will be a reprint of the game (I assume the Kickstarter will succeed). Is there going to be some "fix pack" for the 1st edition of the game, that would include at least fixed cards + maybe stickers or something to fix dialogue and threat books?
Discard pile is only for Action cards, so they should be discarded to the Past.
So a shop was planned to open for 7th Citadel production extras.
But with the new Kicstarter campaign coming up, is it still happanening? Or do we have to wait for the Kicstarter to buy additional expansions?
So its been resolved in the new version of errata (1.8).
A0004 – Skill “Inspiration” (Arthen) – not critical
Text modified to avoid Exploit: “Choose up to 2 cards in your Discard Pile. Discard this, and then add
the chosen cards to your hand.”
Interesting, but quite confusing.
It still feels like cheting to use the card you gained in the consequence phase in that action.
A similar case - as a consequence of an action, you get a card hand_blue_add and you loose life damage (a common consequence in battle compound actions). If that hand_blue_add card is for example "Alert", which has a shield effect, you cannot use that card for blocking damage you got from this action.
I think you are not allowed to play a skill cards during the Consequence part of the action = you cannot use a skill card, that you obtained as part of the consequence of an action, for that action.
I don't think you can. WEAPON-SECONDARY is not one keyword, it's two keywords. So if the items have more keywords and they share at least one keyword, you cannot select them both for the action.
For example, I have a WEAPON-SECONDARY item and a TRINKET-SECONDARY item, so since they share the SECONDARY keyword, I cannot use them both in the same action.
Oh, you are right! It is actually written on the card that sends you to the epilogue (number 77)!
So I finished the first scenario of "Dadachaem's awakening" and I am about the start the second scenario. I don't see any instruction in the Threat booklet to discard the Board to the Past - does this mean that I can keep the whole Board in between scenarios?
I also don't see anything in the rulebook - the only thing I can find is that I would have to discard the Board when saving the game (page 25).
Am I still not 100% sure how Guild building should work. I think you either:
a) must increase the same type, so for example, instead of +2 Production (from checking the Citadel symbol on Destiny page), you get +4 Production
b) or you can increase different type, so for example, you get +2 Production from Destiny page and +2 Defense for having the Guild.
Simply, in English version of this card, there is French "ou", but there should be English "or".
Also, according to this post, you don't have to draw a replacement card for this Reflex card: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/3255919/when-i-reveal-reflex-card
I think what you described is technically correct and you can make several move actions "for free", however you need to be really lucky to have all the right conditions:
- having that reflex card in your Action deck
- having only 1 remaining card in your Action deck
- having no card in the game that would increase cost of the Move action (there are plenty of them in game, it can be even on some Terrain card)
- wanting to do multiple Move actions in a row
- not doing any other action, just the Move
Thank you, this makes sense.
Still, I would rather choose getting more cards then loosing them.
Hi, I have questions about hand symbol with a little cross on Destiny page. The description says, that you return Skill card(s).

1. According to rulebook on page 18, returning a card means putting it back in it's place in it's original deck - for the skill cards, this means putting it back to it's deck in the box, right?

2. How is this any good? As far as I know, there is no limit of Skill cards in your Action deck, so loosing a skill card for good is always a bad thing. Or am I missing something?