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I see. Thank you for clarifying, Sarah!
@Jack: Ah, thank you, I didn't even think about that! Yes, you might be entirely right. But I still have a nagging suspicion that it was meant to be what I wrote. (The positive outcome of this action seems to be a bit "too good to be true" without being gated somehow.) Very curious what SP will say.
Thank you Jack!

We've also reached the same answer about #1 over on BGG -- thank you for the help!!

On question #3 makes sense, and I'll continue playing it this way, but if Sarah wants to chime in here it would be nice :).
Thank you Sarah and all!! So, to summarize, I believe this is the ruling:

Once "You are focused" is equipped during the Gear-up step, it can be used at any time during the action.

And indeed, we can use it late in the action, in order to retrieve the "perfect" card for our needs after we know which cards we drew.

And, furthermore, we can even use it to activate a different hand card TWICE during the same action, by using that other hand card, and then retrieving it from the discard pile, and using it again.

Conclusion: "You are focused" is very powerful indeed!

Thank you all for the help!
Hi! Here's card A0774 (number on back -- 260):

Here is the mistake:
the card says
during the following action, consider you have selected a card with the keyword PROJECTILE

This phrasing doesn't make any sense. -- the word "consider" and the tense don't make sense here.
I assume this should say
you may only take the following action if you have selected a card with the keyword PROJECTILE in the Gear-Up step.

I think this is really confusing for new players.
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Hi! I have three related questions, would love some help!

Question 1: I'm wondering what the "Specialty" Advanced Action card does. Here it is (very slight spoiler, I guess):

This card's ability looks almost useless to me, and I'm wondering whether I'm missing anything. In 90% of cases, when you need to discard a hand card from your hand, you get to choose which hand card you discard. So What's the point of "Specialty"? Yes, I know that once in a long time, an effect says something like "discard a random [hand card] from your hand" or something. Is that the only time where "Specialty" is useful?

Question 2: 95% of the times that I need to discard a hand card from my hand, it is because I activated an ability like the "Motivation" advanced action (picture below). Can Someone confirm that I'm indeed allowed to choose which card I discard, and that I don't have to choose it randomly?

Question 3: An additional question on cards like "Motivation": can the card I choose to discard when I use Motivation, be Motivation itself? i.e. can the card I discard Motivation to pay for itself?
Hi all, sorry for the confusion, in my example I meant Casek's Determination and Improvize, both of which can be used at any time (not only Gear-Up step) and get discarded on use (not blocked). I've updated the original post to represent this.
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(Cross-posted from BGG, I hope that's ok)

Hi! I have a rules question on Card 150 ("You are Focused"). I want to know whether you can use it to retrieve a card during an action, and then use the card you retrieved using the same action.


Here is a picture of the card:

My detailed question is:
* it's a satchel card, so we know you have to "equip" it during the Gear-up step.
* once you equip it, can you use it at any time during the action? Or do you need to use it at some precise timing?
* suppose I can use it at any time, can I use it to retrieve a card and then use that card inside the same action?

Example: can I decide to equip it during the Gear-up step, then do the Draw step as normal, and then only during the Result step I can decide what card to retrieve (e.g. Casek's Improvize or Determination) depending on what cards I drew during the Draw step, and then use that card -- Casek's Improvize or Determination -- in the Result step of the same action?

From a reading of the rules, it seems like this is allowed. However, this is a super-powerful play (especially if you have a repeatable way to gain card 150 -- wink wink), so I wanted to make sure

(edit 26/3: Clarified that I meant Casek's Improvize and Determination. Unlike some other characters, Casek's Improvize and Determination both can be used at any time in the action and get discarded on use, not blocked.)