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3. And what about the quest items with the book icon (like for example “Alembic of Valengarde”)? Can I keep them or should I return them?

I have just beaten the "Dadachem's Awakening" and I am about to start the next treat - the "Drums of Desolation". And I have a few doubts how to set up the new threat. I know that I should discard everything what I gained during the previous threat and that I should start with the "A new beginning" threat and the clean community booklet. But:

1. What to do with the map cards I have collected during the previous treat? Keep or discard them? It seems a little bit boring to collect them from the beginning in the new threat.

2. What about the banished cards from the previous threat? Should I return them as well? And banish them again one by one during playing the next threat? This is like a partly repeating of the story that was revealed during playing the first threat.

Hope you can clarify it for me.