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Excellent ! Je l'ai pas vu depuis un bon mois et voilà le résultat :)

Ça lui va bien aussi de toute façon :D
nintendojunkie wrote:
Does "everybody" include those who missed the Kickstarter and don't do a late pledge?

Yes, confirmed :)
You're welcome guys :)

I actually posted "You guys rock! merci" yesterday. But it never showed up here. So YOU GUYS ROCK! MERCI ;-P

Maybe you simply "Preview" whitout clicking on "Submit" afterwards.
Oh non tu n'es pas le seul :)
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Dear Benny,

I got Bruno today. Here is the thing :

When the late pledge will be over, there will be a link on this site (instead of Late Pledge on the top left) and also on Kickstarter that will allow you to access the Pledge Manager, as promised.

So do not worry as everyone will be able to access the Pledge Manager :-)
UncleRob wrote:
BennyBroca had a pledge in the campaign . After the campaign. Due to some issue with Mexican banks or something, Mexican banks will not release funds to kickstarter. He (and also a Mexican backer named Achilles), were assured they would somehow be invited to the pledge manager where they could fulfill their payment through Crowdox (and paypal).

Oh I see. I wasn't aware about that at all. In that case, if Jamie said so, I suppose Benny will have nothing to do and will receive an email like all backers from KS and Late Pledge.
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Hello Bennybroca,

The Pledge Manager will indeed accept PayPal transaction but:

  1. You need a Late pledge to access the PM (or to be a backer on "THE 7th CONTINENT – What Goes Up, Must Come Down" Kickstarter project)


  2. You can't get a Late Pledge with Paypal. It only accepts international bank cards numbers such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

Sorry :-(

Edit : Everyone will be able to access the Pledge Manager.
Bonsoir Sophie,

oui c'est bien ça :)
very nice !
Congratulations :-)
Oui, un dollar suffisait.
La campagne étant terminée, je verrouille le sujet.

Les sujets qui parlaient des taux de conversions de la banque ont été déplacé dans le sujet approprié.
Non, je ne pense pas. Désolé.
Je confirme, oui.
Meyriec wrote:
Dites moi j ai moi même écrit ici au sujet du prélèvement et de ses frais associés, mais ne devrait on pas plutôt écrire dans la section dédiée : paiement et frais" ?

Je suis d'accord. Les prochains messages concernant le frais de banque sur ce sujet seront déplacés/supprimés.
On est hors KS et il n'y a plus de SG donc je pense que cette info ne sera pas communiquée...
Gray wrote:
will the pledge manager support paypal (iirc the one for the last one did)?

No, it's not planned.

Gray wrote:
and what's the difference between the late pledge and the manager exactly? if paypal is an option might as well wait for it to start. :)

Late pledge is for people that discover too late the Kickstarter project.
Pledge Manager is for managing what you want to do with the money you pledge.
alexw64u wrote:
When is the pledge manager launch date?

There is no official date for Pledge Manager but it will be in November.

alexw64u wrote:
I missed both campaings and i would like to get the base game. So from my understanding i need to make a late pledge here to access the pledge manager?

Yes that's correct.
chuckenstein wrote:
This game looks amazing, please tell me it plays faster and is less drawn out than it appears in the game play video.

  • Play faster : Which video on the KS are you talking about ? The "Reviews" or the "Rule" ?
    For sure, it's not a party game at all. For instance, it took me 2 times 15 hours to succeed the first curse. The recommandation is to play approximately 2 hours per session. But you can do a halh hour session as well.
    But if you're asking if the gameplay is fast, then it all depends on you. Some like it slow, some like it fast, some in between.

  • less drawn out : I don't really understand what you meant by that.
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ggumey wrote:
If so, I want to know how the total prices I will pay for them when shipping to South Korea.

The addon will be at the same price of course as it will be the same Pledge Manager for everyone. The basic difference in Late Pledge is that you can only select 2 pledges : Veteran and Rookie.
You can't select, for instance, the pledge "Rookie + “Full Gameplay” Bundle" for $ 249. But you can select the Rookie pledge in Late Pledge and you'll be able to add the "Gameplay bundle" in Pledge Manager later in November 2017: 129 $ + 120 $ = 249 $

ggumey wrote:
And what does it mean "Shipping: counts as "0" optional purchase"?

Everything is explained in the Shipping area on the Kickstarter page.
You are in Area 4:

If you take the "Gameplay bundle", the optional buys count as 0 so you just pay between $ 28 - $ 35 on wave 1 and between $20 - $ 28 on wave 2.
Sorry, it's only in Dollar, as it was only in Dollar on Kickstarter.