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Sometimes a threat booklet tells to banish a green card. In that case the gold card is used for the remaining scenario's of that threat.

They can't use banners, because this gold card is used for many scenario's
Mine has the same issue, a small hole in the middle. The plastic is too hard, when opening it, it wants to close itself. When flattening it, it doesn't want to fold again.

Luckily the folds are in the correct spot and the hole didn't get bigger after 2 full threat plays.

I've seen some people experimenting with with cutting the map in four.
I had a similar case. There are a few aspects at work here:

In my first threat, I easily reached the 'rare case' of running out of space in the side quest page. Most of the time running into the 7 hope reborn cap as well.
During my second threat (Drums), I didn't even bother to build the tavern (side quests) and cemetary
actually, cemetary was the first buildings to be destroyed

Instead I made it my goal to explore the whole world and discover what happens after helping the people you encounter. Suprise: hope reborn is capped most of the scenario's, and community scores maxed without ever using the citadel icon on the destiny page.

But I had another situation: I had some bad luck/failures in the main goal, which resulted in me doing 3 extra scenario's:
Failing to recruit Rewis, wrong guess at the murder mystery, returning early at the citadel in the blue giant scenario (found out I misplaced one of the scenario specific cards
. These extra scenario's resulted in me filling the destiny maze nearly completely, I got all outside numbers, added all but one reflex skills and completed the world map.

This results in a snowballing effect, making the game too easy. It was not rare to finish the scenario with 30+ health. I had 84 health left in the final scenario, and a few items to recover more.

This all to say, the 7 hope reborn cap is really required, or you will run in other issues by the destiny page running out.

There was a thread on bgg about this same issue: losing out on hope reborn rewards. The proposal there was to house rule the creation of a golden 99 card:
Choose one of the following:
  • Take a 49 card
  • Unblock 1 companion
  • Share 2 health
Return this.

This would give a small, but repeatable reward, which allows to explore a bit longer.
I don't think it will work. When a hand card is unblocked it goes to the draw pile, not to your hand.