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I've been such in full time studies with no time to play, but thought I'd dip in to the forums.

It's disappointing to know there are errata but probably inevitable since the game is so huge.

I see that the Poulps have included corrected cards and pages. If we want to print these ourselves, can you provide the correct card/paper stock used to match what's in the game?

I wonder if this can be done at a local print shop?

Has anyone done this?

I suppose if there's an expansion in the works like WGUMCD this would be the time to send corrected cards to backers. (That's what happened last time.)
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It's up to you - put them in now, or put them in when you are ready. It does not change anything until you actually go to play the threat.

Does this apply to the Edge of peril expansion too?

Pretty much yes

"Pretty much" lol

That's doing a bit of heavy lifting there, don't you think Jack? Or at least a modicum of lifting.
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I use the cardboard until I have painted the plastic.

You could do that with 7rh Continent with no issue, but for Citadel the colour of the plastic figures is a core component of gameplay. Maybe paint the figures but leave the base as is?

I found it confusing that the cardboard standees, which look great, do not have the associated player colour anywhere on the piece.

SP should have included colour stands to solve this problem, instead of the transparent plastic ones. It's very hard to distinguish players from a distance otherwise.
I just sleeved my all-in pledge last night and I had EXACTLY the right number of sleeves. This includes double sleeving the books. I'm kind of amazed how it worked out.
Assuming you saw update 83?

The last container finally reached the warehouse at the end of last week and shipments have just resumed.

Ark Transportation's procedure means that when we send you an e-mail with the tracking number, the package is not yet physically with the carrier but is ready for pickup. Therefore, the tracking status may take a few days to update.

Although this method is not ideal, it is the best way for us to keep you informed about the progress of your pledge delivery. Before contacting us to report a potential issue, we kindly ask you to wait 10 days from the moment you receive your tracking number.
Update: Sarah reached out and provided me with my tracking number. It should have populated on the pledge Manager.
Just received a shipping notice from Serious Poulp pledge Manager!

I did not receive any notice from Aetherworks, the fulfillment house for Aus/NZ.

I also didn't receive a tracking number, which the email indicates I should have:

"You can get tracking information for your package by logging into the pledge manager: https://pm.seriouspoulp.com/the7thcitadel/"

All I see when I log in is "order status: shipped" but no tracking.

What have others received?
Saw this on BGG and thought I'd post here where Bruno would have a better chance of seeing and addressing it.

They are comparing the cards they received to the official Card Count List published by SP. Perhaps the Card Count List needs to be updated, if this is true? (I have not received my game so I cannot check myself):

According to my cards:
A0237 is Exploration Area III not II.
Exploration Area V goes from A0268-A0281, but card list states A0268-A0287.
A0314 is Exploration Area VIII not VII.
Printing error or card list error?
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Also, I wonder if the world map is emptied (reset) after you complete a threat, or do you retain this knowledge across threats?

It is indeed reset/emptied.


So I take it that there is no goal to ever complete the world map in totality? I'm sure the obsessive-compulsive completionists may take issue with this :)

It's very interesting how you're incorporating legacy-like elements into this game without going fully into it by permanently changing or discarding elements of the game. I'd love to hear your thoughts on legacy games and if this was your goal in designing Citadel (i.e. creating a Legacy-like experience without going all-in)
Also, I wonder if the world map is emptied (reset) after you complete a threat, or do you retain this knowledge across threats?
Trying to understand this rule on the "Destiny" page of the Citadel Leaflet:

"Take a card whose number is associated with
a (QUILL SQUARE) arrow on a (QUILL) card that is already
in the World Map. Insert it into the World Map
without flipping it, in the slot the (QUILL SQUARE ICON) arrow
bearing its number points to."

The thing that doesn't make sense to me is why the rules specifically say to not flip the card.

Surely that's the whole point of adding cards to the plasticized world map? To update the world map as you play?

Further, I didn't see any instruction in the rulebook about flipping over already placed cards in the world map.

What am I missing here?
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I'm reading through the rulebook and noticed that blocked cards must have their item weight accounted for, even though their effects cannot be used.

From the glossary:

"Block (p. 18): To slip a card under one’s Character
card. A blocked card loses all of its effects until
it is unblocked, but its weight must still be taken
into account."

Trying to understand why this would be. Would this be a situation, for example, where a magic staff might need X turns to recharge? Or could this be a cursed item situation where you can't get rid of it?

In what other scenarios would a player choose to carry around dead weight?
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Was just looking at the wooden card holder accessory. (scroll down a little more than halfway)

It looks like in addition to the action/discard piles in front, there are two vertically oriented slots behind. What are these slots intended to be used for?
Just watched the rules overview and had a question about saving (at 25:45)


Saving in Citadel seems quite similar to Continent. However, one of the most frustrating parts of Continent was spending so much time and energy to lay out the terrain cards, and then losing the ability to fast travel after saving because all of the terrain cards had to be returned to the deck.

Since the rules state that, once again, Citadel requires all but the current terrain card to be returned during a save, is there a similar disincentive in Citadel? Or does the lack of a "survival/foraging/hunting" requirement make this a less punishing feature?
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Hi again :)

when Continent and WGUMCD shipped, I was living on the west coast of the USA.

I remember watching the slow boat from China bypass California and spend another month crossing the Panama canal and circumnavigating both the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida panhandle before arriving in Florida.

That extra month of watching the boat drove me crazy :)

Now with Citadel, the games have been unloaded in California!

But here's the twist... I'm now living in New Zealand where there were extra delays when the ship bypassed Sydney (probably due to labour strikes). Australia/NZ were the first to receive their copies of Continent, if I recall correctly, so I was looking forward to being a part of that group for Citadel.

Seems like I just can't get a break from the shipping gods :)
Has anyone else experienced cracking over time on in their neoprene mat? What is the warranty on the mat?
Hi Firebird,

What happened to the flag? :) (Last update of the Android app was June 7, 2019)

I've accessed the All-Seeing Eye, so I can't verify whether the back button has been added to that screen. But the music still turns off when the screen is shut off. I play my soundtrack through a bluetooth speaker, so there's no reason to have the screen on during my entire gameplay session.

Hope you're managing the epidemic with grace and as much good humor as is possible to muster.

Be well
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Topic moved ;-)

For information, SP indicates on the French forum that a button "Back" will be added on the interface of password.
So I think some adjustments should come later.

Any update on this?

I, too, would like to have the music play with the screen off, as the unofficial app does.

I am the one who told Sarah at SP about the missing "back" button on the password screen (have to assume I was the first, as she was unaware that it was missing).

Any word on when (or if) these updates will happen?
Like the "hidden number" mechanic, it reveals a card that you would not otherwise have found. Specifically: (one example)

Card 905
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So technically the Poulps were correct- the six card trays across two boxes fit all of the sleeved cards, with all of the expansion.

However, there's not a lot of room for anything else.

What I've done is to consolidate all player standees (both old and new) into a small Ziploc, character randomizer tokens in the bone dice bag along with the dice, and add both old and new character miniatures to the black box. This puts all of the essential "core" components in the black box.

In the white box, I've focused on storing expansion bits. I flipped the narrow white spacer tray upside down to the hollow side, where I inelegantly tucked away the other minis (devourers, flying roots, balloon basket and barge). It's overfilled and bulky and doesn't work well. I've stacked the large standees and weather effects vertically, and the large standee holders in the little Ziploc they came in. I've kept the weather effect standees in the original ziploc (too many bits, too bulky and too fragile to leave assembled).

In both boxes I lay the instructions, disassembled discard/action stands, and player aids evenly on top in boxes they came in.

This leaves absolutely no room for the journal and binder, unless you're happy with a box that won't close flat. I'm not.

Luckily, I ordered the player mat which came in an absurdly overproduced, beautiful box that fits the cartographer's notebook perfectly, as well as the journal and binder. I've stored some pencils in there as well, along with printouts about curse order and the master card list. Still some room left over there.

Additionally, I've tucked away the optional play mode cards (immortal, prodigy, traitor and expansion instruction cards) in the back pages of the binder. (I put the whole stack of traitor cards in one pouch in order to save space). This alleviates some of the pressure on the overstuffed card trays.

To other all-in fully sleevers, did you find a better and/or more elegant solution than this?