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I use the cardboard until I have painted the plastic.

You could do that with 7rh Continent with no issue, but for Citadel the colour of the plastic figures is a core component of gameplay. Maybe paint the figures but leave the base as is?

I found it confusing that the cardboard standees, which look great, do not have the associated player colour anywhere on the piece.

SP should have included colour stands to solve this problem, instead of the transparent plastic ones. It's very hard to distinguish players from a distance otherwise.

Yeah I just plan on highlighting some clothing details in the appropriate colour, and leaving a ring around the base in the colour. To be honest as I'll only ever play solo it doesn't really matter for me which mini I use as there won't ever be any confusion.
I use the cardboard until I have painted the plastic.
This isn't an error, it depends which direction you come from.
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I have 2 questions.
1; Not all purse items have a weight marked on them (example card 275 ref A0790), does this mean it has no weight & therefore does not count towards the weight limit or does it have a minimum weight of 1?.
2; If a terrain card has the move/backtrack icon on it with +1 energy, does the energy cost count for moving onto the terrain card, as well as of it or just when you move off the terrain card?.

FYI you're probably better off starting a new thread as otherwise people will miss it.

1) Yes if it doesn't have a weight limit it's "free"

2) Only when you take the action while stood on it (so not for moving on)
Thanks Sarah, thought that might be the case.
Should this card give you objective 3? It seems very similar to all the others (overcome a task to do with the Singing Lane and gain an objective) but you don't gain an objective. Also following the path back you get Objective 1, then Objective 2, then you get card 119, the you get Objective 4 - so it seems like a gap. Either that or I've missed something...
You're doing something wrong...

You can get information from a conversation that will then help you with a different action.
Normally I'd agree with that (if it doesn't say discard, don't discard it etc) but in this case thematically it doesn't seem to fit, and mechanically you are following the exact same steps, reading the exact same passages etc.
So if one card has them it's ok?
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There's no reason I can't have two of the same card is there? I finished the first scenario of Dadachaem's Awakening with a
, then due to having
the armoury
I get another one during the preparation phase.
As long as I'm not over my weight limit that's ok right?
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Scenario 2 :
With this companion
Effim the Blind
, you can take the action on his/her card if you can see
a big beak bird
on your terrain card.
Can you do that multiple times for the same
, or is it once per
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Card 149 Juggling balls -
If you use it to
learn to juggle (and get rid of a confused state)
, do you discard it?
It doesn't say you do, so I presume you keep it?
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Dialogue Book Passage 37 states the following:
"During the result step of the following action, if you reveal several cards with one or more class icons, the action fails"

Does that mean I'd I reveal any, or if more than one card has them. It's the "several cards" that I'm not sure of.
When building any of the first 8 buildings in the community leaflet, they state:

During the "Preparation" phase: defense +1

(Or one of the other stats?

Does this mean every time I am in a preparation phase, I tick off another box for that stat? Or just that I am considered to have +1 on that stat.

Also I presume you can choose any building you want, you don't have to build them in order?
Just discovered I missed two pages in the scenario booklet - that answers all of my questions!
Unless I'm looking at the wrong card it doesn't specify about the Preparation phase - it just says "Flip this card and insert it..."
OK so I shouldn't add the knowledge point yet?
Going to put this in spoiler tags just to be on the safe side.

So in the Threat Booklet for A New Beginning it specifically says not to use a Citadel Leaflet. However, at the end of the scenario you gain a
map card to go in the plastic wallet map. When reading the appropriate entry in the dialogue book it says you gain
one knowledge point. So my question is - do you gain that knowledge point?
So this is a questions about the potential results of a hunt or fishing expedition:

Lets say I go fishing.

- I draw cards and get enough stars to let me draw 2 of the fishing result cards (think they are 200 cards).

- I am not bloody so we can ignore that bit of the fishing card.

- I have to choose one and return the others.


One is a fish (allows me to draw 2 002 cards for example) the other is a water snake! The water snake has a fight action square with the spiky red border.

Does this mean:

- I have to fight it and completely resolve that card before moving on to the "Choose one to keep and return the rest" (in which case I would just be left with the fish)


- Can I choose to keep the fish and return the snake?


- Do I have to keep the snake and return the fish?

I'm assuming that the red border means I have to fight the snake, then once thats fully resolved (which could end up in me getting some food cards) I then do the "keep 1, return the others".

So while it's not ideal because it forces me into another action (using more cards and maybe items), if I can handle it I may well get experience, some food and then the food from the other card as well.
Simple one from me, I'd like a divider for Character Skills to go between the Skill and Advanced Skills divider. That way you can just grab the whole skills deck out without having to sort it. Have made my own out of card for now, but an official one would be nice.

Obviously the errata'd cards and lots more curses and expansions, but I don't think anyone is going to say no to that.