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I've encountered a creature with the Ambush trait. The effect of Ambush is that the Gear Up step is skipped in action resolution. However I have the Sneak Attack card in my hand which has the Ignore Ambush effect. According to the rules the effects of cards in your hand are not applied until step 3 Result which is after the Gear Up step??
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There is now an errata available for this card.
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This doesn't answer the question. Let's see if I can reword the question.
How does Sneak Attack (skill card) ignore Ambush?
Here is the process as written in the rule book with the problem included:

1) Gear Up.
Ambush happens now, so the player ignores this Gear Up step.

2) Draw

3) Result ( Step C ).
Players can play cards from hand. Playing Sneak Attack now can't prevent Ambush, as Ambush has already happened.

Because of how the Action resolution steps works, Sneak Attack can't prevent Ambush.
EDIT: Nevermind. I see there is a misprint. Sneak Attack is supposed to igore Brutal. I have my answer, sorry for this post.
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