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When building any of the first 8 buildings in the community leaflet, they state:

During the "Preparation" phase: defense +1

(Or one of the other stats?

Does this mean every time I am in a preparation phase, I tick off another box for that stat? Or just that I am considered to have +1 on that stat.

Also I presume you can choose any building you want, you don't have to build them in order?
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1/ Preparation phase is a step in the introduction of each scenario (Threat booklet).
==> +1 defense for each scenario that you will read after building.
This is not the Gear up in any action resolution steps (p.12 rules).

2/ There's no order to build.
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Yes it does mean you tick off one box for that stat at the beginning of each scenario.
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Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Rules and Operating Points3 posts