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Tips for finding help on the forum:
This forum is a valuable source of information, mainly supplied by volunteers. thumb
To keep this information relevant and to thank contributors, you are invited to follow the following tips (in order of priority):

  1. Watch the general presentation of the rules (official video) then reread the rulebook by avoiding interpretations.
  2. Consult the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  3. Use the forum search tool before posting your question. It is quite effective as long as you search for the right keywords.

  4. To ask your question, choose an existing topic corresponding exactly to your theme, or create a new one by choosing an explicit and concise title. In your message, use
    tags to hide sensitive content, while still leaving enough readable context for your readers. Also use game-specific emojis for clarity action_think. If you name a card, remember to indicate its title, its type deck_action_carddeck_exploration_carddeck_adventure_card, its number card_pick and its unique identifier (A0001).

Thank you, Gardeners! -)
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Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ General1 post