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This question is about card A0630 to be specific, card number 179 which is gold with gold flag. It has a mandatory action depicted which has a pre-text that says
"... each involved character must take the following action alone."
Now, events leading up to how this particular card is revealed is there is a terrain card that has a permanent event card (186) that has an optional action
to climb down into a crevasse.
It is not a group action. But the result of this optional action is to take a [green] 179, which the conclusion of that card is to banish it and take a[nother] 179, which is the gold one I am referring to in this post.

In effect what is happening is that
one (or more) of your group can climb down to a ledge in the crevasse, however ALL characters on the terrain card are required to climb out of a crevasse that some didn't climb down into.
Now I get if multiple characters chose to be involved in the first action, that all of those should be required to do the mandatory subsequent action, but I don't understand if one person did it alone, why all should have to do the subsequent action. It makes no sense at all. What would make more sense is if the mandatory action said something like
"each character involved in the preceding action must take the following action alone."
Else if #A0630 is deemed "correct" then 186 should state something similar as a pre-text to the action, like
"consider all characters on the attached terrain card to be involved in this action."
Curious if this has been looked at yet? Usually it gets marked confirmed or no error.
Serious Poulp check all topics in this part of the forum, particularly before the reprint.
But they maybe forgot to update the title (I do if I'm sure, but not here) or gave you more information ? blush
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I may be wrong, and I don't have the game with me right now to check, but from what you describe, there is no problem in my opinion. As you got the 179 as a consequence of an action, "all involved" means all characters which were involved in the action that led to this consequence. I don't see how others even could get involved.
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Errors on the game4 posts