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This is not breaking so do not read unless you are SP or already finished Drums of Desolation.

This situation allows you to gain a clue after you already solved a puzzle and, in my opinion, this was not intended (as other related clue-giving spaces are designed to not allow that).

Intended flow:
Tharon on card 126 (A0552) gives you a clue when you have "exactly 2 Objective card_type_quest_item cards".
These would be Objectives no. 1 and no. 2 from his roommates.

Alternate flow
If you pick the bird as soon as possible (before talking to the other 2 guys), you will end up with 2 Objective card_type_quest_itemcards: no. 1 and no. 5.
This would then enable you to get a clue from Tharon - though you've already been asked to banish the clues. Seemed unintended.

PS: Why would I pick the bird before getting all the clues? Thanks to info from
Hi Dill,
Glad you met
Cyder ;-)

Since this is not game breaking
(getting a Tharon's clue doesn't matter since you already have the bird)
, we are not going to change that.
Fair point, thanks for the answer.

I seem to meet
at the very start of every threat (2x so far, definitely a trend).
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ Errors on the game3 posts