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Terrain 107 allows you to take 447 card that can banish itself.
Consequently, 107 allows you to take it again, returning the past and still not finding the 447 card (there is just one).
The card_if_available seems to be missing here.
447 banish itself only if you have the quest activated.

If you explore 107 and put this permanent event on board; then imagine you reset the board later ==> 447 is discarded.
When you explore 107 again, you need to find the 447 in the Adventure deck. So, if not available, it's normal to trigger a "return the Past" event.

But there's maybe something to change to prevent "return the Past" for nothing as you explain.
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Yes, I specifically refer to the situation when you have that quest activated and the card is banished.

I'm not sure I follow your example. If you explore 107 + put 447 into play and "reset the board later" both those cards are discarded.
So "when you explore 107" the past must have been already returned so both 107 and 447 are available.

Is there a situation when 107 is in the deck but 447 is discarded (and returning the past is therefore expected to be triggered)? I assume not.
That's why I proposed to add the card_if_available to 107 - to handle the banished situation.
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