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You don't need to remember. Every time you read such a dialogue make a note on the citadel leaflet with the dialogue number. Then you will know which one you have already encountered.
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The chain symbol limits the number of cards you can consider stars from, but does not limit the class symbols you can take into consideration - you get them all. So if you're trying to use a class-symbol-specific card for a chain action, overdrawing cards is better than you might think.

Our problem is more that the actions we have in deck make very little use of the class symbols. The vast majority of the action cards which use class symbols are of the kind "use it for this veeeery specific action then block it". On the other hand, evolving a character would mean to us to permanently improve one of its capabilities, not giving him a one-time-shot of an operation nobody really needs in that moment.

Even worse are the capabilities given by birth. My character, for example, has the special "abilitiy" that something interesting will happen when it is extremely weak. What could be more frustrating than the task to be as weak as possible? I'm not really participating in play, only shuffling around trying to be as clumsy as possible to eventually get enough weakness. That's not very much of fun.

Seufz. I've spent a lot of money for this. Hopefully it will get better before my fellow players lose patience ...

(I'm not writing this just to moan. My hope is to trigger comments exactly like yours, pointing out things we are possibly misunderstanding. Thank you for that!)

Strange because I don't have this experience. I know there are cards, which are blocked after use, but not the majority. There are also items which convert symbols to success not of companions! Some companions can convert any symbol to success and they don't get discarded at all.
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Sorry, yes of course the card is banished, not blocked. The
hidden number on the blocked card is 121
but I don't recall the original card number (the game is packed away as we're moving in 2 days).

If the card is banished, you cannot draw it again in this threat.
The inn is never blocked. It can be banished, in the past or in the tray.
Yes, you are right, the problem is the word "DURING" here. I think they meant BEFORE the first Gear-up step.
It does not need correction because there is no contradiction. This is not a purse card, so it is not selected, its effect is active automatically and because the card's effect always overrides the rulebook (in this case the leaflet), Ambush is simply ignored.

The problem only occurs when a PURSE card is intended to cancel Ambush (example card A0632), since it is not even selected with the current definition of Ambush (skip the first gear-up step). The solution is to change the definition of Ambush to
Ignore selected purse card effects in the first gear-up step.
. This way the purse card can be selected and the "ignore Ambush" effect takes precedence over the Ambush effect.
Maybe they don't know yet how many cards will be unlocked at the end of the campaign? No other idea comes to my mind.
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I always collected 7HRs in my every scenario during my second Threat. So yes, if you have life/time, you do stuff for the narrative/story or maybe some special items, not HR. Do not fear to explore the land further, it will come handy in subsequent scenarios.
The inner cog has 4 notches, so one turn of the crank shifts the cog 4 notches further.
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thanks for the quick reply! would you mind helping me? i searched everywhere and i'm stuck
i don't believe i can move the topic, we need a mod

I don't have the game in front of me, so I just work from my memory:
go up until you can then turn right. You should see a similar tree on your terrain card. I think there is also a river right to that tree and a canyon above the tree
You are doing nothing wrong, probably you did not find the correct tree. You just follow instruction and search further.

Also, this is not an error in the game, please move your topic in the General forum.
It is equivalent. I think they want to make sure that the value is not just added but it is the new starting life.
I think "nested" actions are not allowed, you cannot start a new action until the previous is finished. Reading a paragraph is not an action per se, but personally I would finish the current action and read the paragraph after to not mix up things.
If a character gets back consciousness during a scenario, it is always specified how much life gets back.
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Something similar to purse cards, which are SELECTED, could be applied here. Except you can select it when applicable. Selected skill cards can't be discarded or manipulated by other effects. After you resolve the effect, it is either
[selected] unselect this
[selected] discard this
[selected] block this
[selected] discard another card,
Good catch! I can totally see your point and you are somewhat right but obviously, you have to consider the keyword when unblocking otherwise no unblocking would be possible. Nevertheless this is on point and maybe the interpretation would be that you unblock one card which will have the specified keyword after unblocking.
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Do you have an example of such a card ?

We discuss together on Discord about this.
But I copy here 2 examples of cards. There are Advanced Skills so I put Medium spoiler tag.

1/ Here, with multiple activation, we should be able to reduce cost by -2-2-2-2...

2/ Here, with multiple activation, we should be able to use 4 or more class icons, over the Max.3 limit.

Okay, now I see what you mean. So the answer is that each card effect can be applied once.
This is important. Devs, please clarify this and put it in the FAQ.
I think it's easier to reformulate the Ambush effect then. E. g. Ambush: ignore the selected cards' effects during the first Gear up step. This way the Ignore Ambush effect can be activated first.
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If we hypothesize that a card in Hand can be activated several times, then free cards (which do not need to be blocked or discarded, and remain permanently) could trigger their effects infinitely.
With a cost of 1 another card to discard and with the hand size limit, it's possible. But Infinite activation, it's not. So the hypothesis is false.

==> I think the activation is unique during an action.

I didn't mention infinite numbers of activation. I said activate several times for each discarded card (so 2-3 times). Thanks.