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It has taken me reading the manual, watching the rules intro video, and consulting BGG, but I think I finally understand how compound actions work.

The examples given in the manual and video are good for a scenario where you succeed, but they don't explain that if an action fails and the failure result doesn't move the die to another row then the die value is reduced by the number of successes that were achieved - reducing the difficulty for the next attempt. (note: I just found the explanation for this in the FAQ -

The other part they don't make clear is that any further attempts will be on whatever row of the compound action the last attempt was on (unless the result indicates to move the die to a new row or remove the card).

These two things had my group really stumped.
Hello ! -)

I'm glad you were able to find the information you were looking for.

It seems your answers was in the rulebook, page 13 :
- See A for reduction in die value
- See B to know where is the difficulty you must check.

Good game and don't hesitate to ask if you have a problem !
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I disagree. I found the rules for compound actions quite well explained, I had no trouble playing it right. But I have seen this question multiple times now on BGG and elsewhere, which means many people struggle with this rule. Therefore I think it's good that this has been added to the FAQ.
It took me a bit before Compound Actions clicked. I think its due to adding an un-needed fiddly part with the dice at the beginning of the action and then making the description more complicated than it needed. It could easily have been simplified to be the following, which uses almost the same info as the simple actions.

Compound Action: If the active player reaches or exceeds the number shown on the dice, the action succeeds. Otherwise the action fails, reduce the die's value by 1 for each success and apply any failure consequences.
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