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The "try your luck" mechanism, involving
the 13 cards
has a single "superjinx" card that I am told says to
discard all of your blessings.
. (Sorry, don't have the cards in front of me at work, so I'm taking the wording on hearsay...) Is this really a true
discard to the discard pile
? Or is this one of those cases where
"discarding" means to return the card instead?
It's discard to the discard pile. You are truly
Discard pile is only for Action cards, so they should be discarded to the Past.
Sorry, I used the wrong term. What I meant was, are the temporary blessings, which are normally returned, so they can be re-used in this scenario,
in this case discarded into the Past, so they cannot be acquired again during this scenario unless you save. (Because the cards that tell you to take a blessing generally have the diamond, so as not to cause you to re-shuffle the Past if the card is not present, in the case where some character already has that blessing.)

I think you've both answered the question I meant - I'd just said "discard pile" when I meant the Past.
So just to reconfirm, now that I've checked the card proper:

Card A0382, the extra-bad #13 "You are jinxed..." card, says:

"Immediately after this is revealed, discard all of your cards with the keyword BLESSING" (emphasis mine).

So as everyone has pointed out above, rules as written clearly states that they are discarded to the Past. Every other case I've found so far that tells me to lose a blessing tells me to return it, rather than discard it to the Past, so I'm still hoping to confirm whether it was the designer's intent that it behave differently in this case.
I confirm that with this card you're "really jinxed", they are discarded to the Past.
Thanks Sarah. It seemed different enough from the normal rules that I wanted to check. We'll remember to use our save and/or jumping in and out of cities to get our blessings back.
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