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I wanted to confirm I'm doing the correct sequence in this interaction between Arthen's updated Inspiration (A0004) and the advanced action A0101.

Inspiration is a action_think0/0 check that says "Choose up to 2 cards in your Discard Pile. Discard this, and then add the chosen cards to your hand."

If I understand the rules correctly, this effect happens during 4A of the Action resolution step, and resolves completely during this step, so by the end of 4A Inspiration is in your discard and the two chosen cards are now in your hand. You could then trigger any action_condition_empty effects on the newly drawn cards(provided they don't have a step restriction).

If one of the cards chosen is A0101
Instinct - action_condition_empty Choose 1 card in your Discard Pile and add it to your hand. Discard this.
you could then
discard Instinct to add Inspiration back into your hand, thus ending up in the state you started with the addition of any card of your choice from your discard now in your hand

Does this work under the rules? If so provided you have Inspiration in hand and A0101 in your action deck you can
spend all the other cards in hand on any test and then restock afterwards, potentially allowing free movement (with the -3 card draw Save your energy), and a free success with Determination

Indeed, combined with A0157
Adrenaline - During the Consequence step, shuffle up to three card_type_skill cards you have revelaed back into your Action Deck instead of discarding them. Discard this.
you can
draw three cards for any test, take all their results into account, then shuffle them all back into the deck and restock your hand.
That seems okay to me.
Well spotted! -)

But I don't thing to use it a lot. I don't that to brake my game.
And it's not fun to manipulate cards after each action to keep a perfect Hand. I consider that we must accept doing the manipulations as a cost to this optimization. I will refrain from “taking a shortcut” which would save time, just because the combo has been identified.
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Yes, it does trivialize most of the game if you take advantage of it. I'm not sure how it could be fixed though. I suspect Arthen's Inspiration is just too powerful - any two cards of your choice, reusable anytime you can get a card from discard to hand doubles the power of a number of in-game effects.
So you found the same exploit as me, just the other way around.
Seems like the errata wasn’t good enough a fix 😅
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