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I don’t have the cards in front, but what cardtype does the Abunothus unblock
So you found the same exploit as me, just the other way around.
Seems like the errata wasn’t good enough a fix 😅
The English version already contains the correct text
No initiating has nothing to do with the preparation phase. So A is correct and I think this was pretty clear, as you don’t have a number to read.
I assume winning a fight means you reach a white box that tells you to return/discard/banish and losing means it’s in a black box.
TimeLordXT wrote:
the green 347 dont have anything say about discard it, but i have a gold card is this a missprinted?

There are other ways to get rid of a card.
The game will tell you.

Sometimes you have gold cards you won’t ever see, as you own an expansion that makes the gold card useless.
It‘s KicKstarter
Lorkenpeist wrote:
I would think a cumbersome item would still make it hard to move even if damaged (e.g., you can't use "On the Double" if you carry an item with CUMBERSOME). So... Maybe it's okay to trade my torn Cape? The rules do explicitly say to interpret them in my favor if it's ambiguous -)

No, blocked cumbersome items don’t count and you can move.
Yes to both
Karbous wrote:
A similar case - as a consequence of an action, you get a card hand_blue_add and you loose life damage (a common consequence in battle compound actions). If that hand_blue_add card is for example "Alert", which has a shield effect, you cannot use that card for blocking damage you got from this action.

This is because the hand_blue_add effect is the last thing you do, so the damage is already done.
This is different to the effect used here.
I now played the next scenario with my proposed errata and it was way more interesting again, after it became a bit boring with that exploit.
Maybe it’s because I‘m not a native speaker, but I had read the sentence always the way it was intended.
However I see that consider can also be used in a different way. But as people rightfully say, that writing is confusing and shouldn’t be used. So I don’t understand, why they think it is an error and not that it should be read differently.
Oh missed that.
The numbers are 180 and 468
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Only works with Arthen, as the other chars only get 1 card back from Inspiration

Inspiration (A) + Speciality (Advanced) I play Inspiration take Speciality (and another card) out of discard pile and then discard Speciality. That way I can play Inspiration as often as I want (as long as Speciality is in the discard) and fill up my hand.

With the cards below, I can have -3 cost and 1 success on each action, as I just get them back afterwards. This means I can move for free and do anything up to 3/1 for free.

Can this be correct? This is incredibly strong.

However the other way to read the card (first discard and then choose 2) would be the same, but you wouldn’t even need specialty for that.

Possible Errata: "choose up to 2 cards from your discard pile, discard this, then add them to your hand"

I do it that way too.
Better doing stuff at the end then at the start of the next round.
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sgbeal wrote:
Firebird wrote:
Could you please give us where you read this typo ?
(And I will create a new topic : 1 per error)

i no longer have the card numbers readily available, but here's a photo of the top parts of each card:

I don’t think this is a typo, as there are
horshes and hournds

Animals are just named different there.
You are misunderstanding the card.
You are throwing a stone and thus you have selected a card with the keyword PROJECTILE.
At least virtually, as they didn’t want to include a card just for that.
1) you often need to discard cards after use.
Here you can discard that one instead of the original card.
2) you choose
3) yes
I don’t like KE stuff too
Especially, as that will never be translated
It‘s one action, that‘s correct.
But you do it multiple times.
And each time you go through all the steps.