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When a Mandatory Action is in play can any other action be taken before or during resolution (in the case the mandatory action is a compound action) of the mandatory action?
Nope. A mandatory action must be taken to completion before you can take another action.
This is not the question, but I will clarify a point of rule:
When there is a mandatory action action_mandatory, the active player can be chosen from among the characters present on the Terrain card (and participants can declare themselves).

This is different from the rule in The 7th Continent where we were limited to players engaged in the action preceding the obligatory action.
This way of playing (the Continent way) remains possible as a variation without really changing the balance of the game, but the authors have chosen a more fluid rule.
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I forgot to be specific about one thing: the only case where you can take another action when a action_mandatory is in play, is if that action_mandatory is on a Terrain card where no character figures are present or must be moved to. That action_mandatory will need to be taken when a character enters that Terrain card.

Other than that, I believe you must always take and finish a mandatory action as soon as it appears. I can’t think of a case where not.
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