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I have already answered a similar question on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/3264056/article/43944331

- Action cards in hand can be played at any stage of the action resolution sequence (unless stated otherwise).
- The effects of the card apply to each relevant stage, each effect can only be used once.
- A played card is discarded (if indicated) as soon as all its effects have been used, or otherwise at the end of the complete action resolution sequence.
DevNull a écrit :
I'd argue - unofficially, and with nothing but my own gut to go on - that "immediately" effectively trumps "at any time". There is no time at which you have 4 weaknesses, because immediately upon drawing the duplicate you return it. Unless the quest card specifically said "immediately upon drawing your 4th weakness card" or something equivalent; then it would be a tie for you to choose between.

I confirm that this is indeed the correct interpretation.
Pour cette action vous pouvez évidemment aussi utiliser un bonus_jocker_black ou un bonus_cape obtenu en bonus par l'effet d'une autre carte.
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Braxus a écrit :
Is the solution to the quest that
milk must be poured on that monster to defeat it

That's correct, you can now apply the effect of the card.
There is no issue with these cards, but you will see that when you play.
The keywords of blocked cards are indeed ignored, including for the keyword "Cumbersome".
I confirm that with this card you're "really jinxed", they are discarded to the Past.
Here is the exact text :
Take a 101 card and, if the latter is available, take a 351 card.

You should therefore only take
was available, and this will only be the case the first time you perform the action.
I think you should check again; card 303 is not a Terrain card.
I confirm that there is really no issue with reporting errors and typos; at worst, if it's not an error, as in this case for example, I will explain why. :)
There are no errors.

Regarding the second point, it means that when you perform the action, you "consider" that you have selected a card with the Projectile keyword, so:
- You will not be able to select another card_type_purse card with the same keyword during the Gear Up step.
- This will allow you to use cards that require having selected a card_type_purse card with this keyword, for example, card_type_skill Accurate Shot [X].
"Shleap" is the singular and "Shleep" is the plural.
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All cards, but each card can only be used once per phase.
To summarize:

Example 1: You discard it when counting successes at Step 3-C, so no, you cannot count the star a second time.
Example 2: Yes, you can use it, but not for Step 3-C.

And so your final example works perfectly.
Yes, indeed it should be underlined.
"Discard this" is indicated after all the effects on the card, so either you use all the effects and discard it immediately, or not all of its effects are used and it will be discarded at the end of the last step of the current action resolution. So no, you cannot discard a card before you have either used all its effects or waited until the end of the current action resolution (because an effect is still pending, and you cannot decide to ignore it).

Regarding Improvise, its hand_blue_add effect applies at a very specific moment, which is step "4-B Discard the revealed cards". So you can take it back into your hand but you cannot play its effect a second time for the same action.
Indeed, you "consider" that you have selected a card with the Projectile keyword.

This will prevent you from selecting another card sharing the same keyword, and will allow you to use cards like Accurate Shot (Action [X]), which only trigger their effects when you select a card with the Projectile keyword.
However, be careful, for this to work the card must have been discarded, which happens once all its effects have been applied or at step 4-B of the action resolution otherwise.

For example, a card like Improvise (D) could not be used in this way (Add 1 card to your hand only applies at step 4-B and it will be discarded at that time).
Pour reformuler :
Vous devez ranger 2 cartes ayant le mot clé TROC. Mais si vous avez la carte card_type_quest_item "double clé" et/ou que votre score de influence est de 7 ou plus , alors vous ne devez ranger que 1 carte ayant le mot clé TROC.
Karlack a écrit :
par contre tant qu'il n'est pas utilisé, ce bonus reste accessible tant que la carte est sur la table.

Petite précision, pour bénéficier du bonus d'une carte Évènement permanent, vous devez impérativement être sur la carte terrain liée.