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So a shop was planned to open for 7th Citadel production extras.
But with the new Kicstarter campaign coming up, is it still happanening? Or do we have to wait for the Kicstarter to buy additional expansions?
It‘s KicKstarter
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Hello !
Yes, the shop will open in may.
Extensions and accessories will be the main products available.

To buy a core box, the stock in the shop seems to be low. You will probably have to pledge the new KS campaign.
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So, the shop has been open for a few days now. I ordered a core box (UK) and they still seem to be available.

I suppose the Kickstarter will be more expensive to buy the core box as postage will be added (and VAT?) but we will see.

Postage on SP shop is free over £100 but the core box is £99! So to save £15 postage it is worth buying an add-on so opted for the extra Threat as best value for money 😊
Forums/ The 7th Citadel/ General4 posts